All Babe Ruth League Rules and Sanctioned Play shall apply:

In addition for the 2013 season -

  1. Players currently on travel teams are able to play on the East Fishkill All-star Team (EFA).  As is normal practice, tryouts will be held at the end of the season for all players interested in playing for EFA.  Travel team players will also be invited to tryout.  It is noted that when conflicts arise with practice and games, the EFA team is to take precedence.  In addition, in any tournament where the EFA play with a travel team and the player belongs to both, the player will be required to play for the EFA team. 
  2. Players in their last year of an age division may be permitted to move up to the next division.  Approval will be based upon coach recommendation and approval of both the Division Director of which the player is in and the Division which the player is moving up to.  The determining factor will be that of skill and ability to compete with the players at the higher division.  Decisions are final and there are no appeals.
  3. Players who have turned 11 in the Rookie Division must move up to the Junior Division.
  4. Players who have turned 13 and would move to the Senior Division shall have the choice to stay in the Junior Division. Once the draft is completed, a player cannot change their mind as it would not be fair to any of the teams in either division.
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